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The Queen's Park Early Years Federation relies on various policies and procedures to aid the day to day running of our establishments and to ensure that pupils receive high quality education. A number of these have been made available below. Due to the amount of content, all policies are downloadable for offline reading.


All Policies are available in paper format for parents upon request.

At Dorothy Gardner Centre, Mary Paterson Nursery School and Queens Park Children’s Centre we believe that all children have the right to be treated with equal respect and dignity, regardless of any disabilities or needs that they might have.

Our simple guidelines which underpin the way we work with children and adults across the federation.

Safeguarding, Child Protection and Early Help Policy

Sets out the charging process and under what circumstances voluntary contributions will be requested from parents and carers.

We actively encourage parents and carers to discuss any questions about their child’s well-being and progress, or any other issues with staff.

Learn about the four guiding principles that shape our practice.

The ability to understand language and to communicate is of paramount importance in human society.

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD) is about children developing their imagination in order to communicate and express their ideas and feelings in creative ways.

This is a statement of the aims, principles and strategies for developing independent learning at Queen’s Park Federation.

The aim of the federation is to offer children a range of experiences which will support their growing understanding of early mathematical concepts, develop their basic skills, and encourage a practical problem-solving approach to and enjoyment of mathematics.

Personal, social and emotional development is critical for very young children in all aspects of their lives and gives them the best opportunity for success in all other areas of learning.

Babies and children learn by being active and Physical Development takes place across all areas of learning.

As a federation we believe that high quality learning and teaching in early childhood enables children to become life-long learners and will assist them in reaching their full potential.

Queen’s Park Federation strives to build on children’s natural curiosity by providing first-hand experiences, which give children the opportunity to use their senses, make observations, notice similarities and investigate differences.

The E-Safety policy relates to all electronic communication that is used in each setting and outside of the school if children are engaged in activities planned by each setting.

The early year’s pupil premium (EYPP) gives providers of early year’s education extra funding to support disadvantaged 3 and 4 year olds.

We are committed to offering the opportunity to all children, parents and staff to be included, respected and enabled to succeed.

We aim for children to learn life-long skills in healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle and to ensure parents are involved wherever possible.

This document outlines the health and safety policy arrangements for ensuring compliance.

At the discretion of the setting, if the child appears recovered and well after spending at least 3 days at home, working parents may bring their child back and staff administer a lunch time dose of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.

Information about our SEND offering.

Going on visits outside the centre or nursery is an important part of the curriculum for children.