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We are three unique Early Years’ settings that make up the Queen’s Park Early Years Federation; our unity and expertise strengthens our offer to the local community to provide young children and parents the best opportunities in order to flourish.

Both Nursery Schools and Children’s Centre are culturally diverse, inclusive settings within the London borough of Westminster. All staff work in partnership with parents and other professionals to build a culture of trust, collaboration and development beyond both schools and children’s centre, irrespective of social or economic background. We are keen to share our staff and our practice.

We believe that children learn best through active exploring, engagement and creativity which includes the natural world though our Forest School’s approach.

We follow children’s lead with their interests and make them the centre of every thought and conversation so that limits on expectations and outcomes are never set within a safe and secure environment.

Children are appropriately challenged and supported through open and reflective practice. This includes parents and carers so that each child’s unique identity and take on the world develops their creativity, intent, feelings, ability to innovate and think critically. The insights that we gain enables us to discuss and plan our environments to support and shape future learning.

We are a federation where children and adults learn from each other, where childhood achievements, free play and open ended learning are honoured and celebrated.